4 Hair Styling Tips to Look as Chic as Ananya Pandey

New-age actor, teen sensation Ananya Pandey, is stealing hearts with herimpeccable fashion choices. Her hair styling is on-point everywhere she goes! From movies to promotions, she shows up with the coolest hairstyles and rocks them.

All hairstyles, from classic waves to intricate waves and half crimped hair,have been tried and tested by her. She sets herself apart with stunning hairstyles.

If you want her to beyour go-to hairstyle inspiration, read on to find styling tips. Prep yourself well for all the events and parties on your social calendar!

  1. Work on a Textured Ponytail

Have a girl-gang brunch coming up? Style your hair a bit differently this time and make a strong impression on your girls. Go for a textured ponytail like Ananya Pandey. She rocked this hairstyle with an off-shoulder yellow dress. Cooler than a stuffy up-do, it keeps hair off your face and looks effortlessly stylish.

To style your hair in a textured ponytail, use a hair crimper. For this hairstyle, you don’t have to crimp your hair entirely. Apply some heat protectant. Section your hair. Clamp a section and start crimping. Make sure that you start from the ends and then reach the scalp for voluminous and long-lasting crimps. Crimp half the section of your hair, and once done, set it with a hairspray.When you are ready to go, tie your hair in a ponytail,finger-combing the strands to maintain their shape. And voila!Step out of your home with a new and distinct look.

  • A Deep Side Part

Every celebrity’s red carpet look consists of a deep side part at least once!

Ananya Pandey was caught sporting this hairstyle at several functions. If you are planning to attend an evening party, opt for this chic hairstyle.

This hairstyle highlights all the best features on the face, especially the eyes and cheekbones. Part your hair and then line it up. The deep hair part should line up with the highest point of your eyebrow. If bored of middle parting, choose the side which suits you best. Straighten your hair and use a hair spray to keep it in place. Make an entrance at any party with panache and elegance!

  • Rely on Bombshell Waves

Running out of time and have to look your best? Opt for an easy and classy hairstyle like the beach waves. Ananya Pandey sports this look almost everywhere. Go through her Instagram page,and you will notice that this is her go-to hairstyle. It looks fabulous with gowns as well as simple jeans and a white shirt!

To get these waves, you can use a curling rod or hair clips. But, if you can amp up this hairstyle-then, why not? Use the crimper machine for hair and add texture to these almost perfect waves. Separate hair into sections. Twist your tresses and clip them to your head to a side. Blow-dry the sectionand after it gets cooled down, remove the pins. Brush your fingers through them and let your hair fall into waves. You can use a hair crimper to crimp your hair entirely. Create volume and up your glam quotient with well-defined and textured hair!

  • Bring Back the Side Ponytail

Favorite hairstyle in the ’80s, a side ponytail is a softer and more flattering take on the low ponytail. Ananya Pandey’s look gave the cool-girl effect and appeal when she opted for this hairdo.

Perfect for casual outings, you can try this not-so-casual hairstyle. Use a hair straightenerto create a wavy look. Bring them together in a loose ponytail and place it on one of the shoulders. Otherwise, use a hair crimper for a half-crimped hairstyle and bring the ponytail to one side. Tuck it behind one ear for the best results. This hairstyle looks good in selfies and in group pictures too!

Experiment with New and Chic Hairdos

Look good, feel good- this notion is a hundred percent true. You can check that for yourself by trying these hairstyling tips. If you do not have the right tools, opt for luxury brands like Vega. With a range of personal care products like hair straighteners, curlers, and crimper machine for hair, you are spoiled for choice.

Bring your hairstyling A-game to the forefront at every occasion!

Written by TheYouth team

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