Hyderabad cop runs 2 km to clear Traffic only to make way for Ambulance

Traffic Police officers are one of the major reasons why people are free from danger while carrying on a road trip in India. They are people’s friend when the rules are being obeyed. It is not so easy to do this stressful job because traffic policemen stand under the scorching sun to help people follow the traffic rules.

To be able to do the work even during holidays, weekends and under extreme weather conditions makes them a class apart. Their main purpose is to ensure people’s safety and a free flow of traffic to prevent the number of road crashes and thus saving lives as well.

Spending most of their time outdoors is something that traffic policemen are used to. Also, they have to be pretty much focused on their work as well because it demands longer concentration.

Meanwhile, a traffic constable in Hyderabad won millions of hearts online after a video clip of him running 2 kilometers to clear a traffic jam for an ambulance spread like wildfire across social media platforms. The video of constable identified as G. Babji was shared on social media with netizens praising him as he helped a patient quickly reach the hospital on time.

The incident happened on Monday during peak traffic hours of 6-7 pm between Abids GPO Junction and Andhra Bank Koti.

The senior officials heaped praise on the police officer for doing an extraordinary job. “HTP officer Babji of Abids Traffic PS clearing the way for an ambulance…Well done…HTP in the service of citizens” tweeted Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Anil Kumar.

The constable went on to add saying that the appreciation he received gave him satisfaction. “I am happy that I could clear the way for the ambulance to pass. I don’t know who was the patient or which hospital he was being taken to,” said Babji.

After the incident, Babji was awarded by Hyderabad’s Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar. One user commented on the viral video that reads: “I salute to the constable and whole police dept..we are proud of him.. “