Aiming to score 75 + in GATE Civil 2021? The best way to score in GATE Civil Exam

GATE Exam is a yardstick to determine the caliber of Engineering graduates, not only most sought-after but also one of the toughest exams. Every aspirant dream to either pursue their higher studies from IISc, IITs or get into PSUs. GATE Exam is a pathway for lakhs of aspirants to build their dream career, hence it is important to realize what all is required to crack this prestigious exam with flying colors.

To get admission into top IITs or to get jobs in dream PSUs, a candidate must score 75+ which seems difficult but not impossible. GATE is conducted jointly by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore every year for different disciplines. There 5 main branches are Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science Engineering. In this article we are going to brief on how to score 75+ in GATE Civil 2021 Exam.

To score 75+, firstly you must aim to score 75+ because your determination plays a crucial role in your success. If you are determined enough to score 75+, then there are no boundaries or obstacles which you cannot overcome. This score will not only help you to build your career but will help you in enhance your skills.

“The roads to success and failure are almost the same,

The thing which makes a difference is your attitude” 

Try to build a positive attitude towards your goals. Any Competitive exam requires a positive approach and attitude this helps in maintaining consistency, regularity, sincerity towards your dreams. GATE CE is a technical subject, you are tested on the basis of your deep knowledge of your core subjects. So, while preparing for GATE CE 2021 we recommend you work on your core subjectswhich includes Hydrology & Irrigation, Soil Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Environmental Engineering. These subjects hold a good weightage in GATE CE exam. GATE 2021 is around the corner and its high time one must start working towards their goals. First and foremost, step to score 75+ is to find the right platform as content for GATE CE is abundant but finding the right content will increase the efficiency and will boost the scores of a candidate. Recently, Gradeup India’s largest online learning platform launched a YouTube channel dedicated to only Civil Branch, Gradeup Civil Champions. The sole purpose of this channel is to provide the right and best content to civil graduates and even civil students who are struggling with their university exams. This channel is intended to provide a civil candidate everything which is required to score 75+. One can achieve this score by building a proper study plan, the first free course launched on Gradeup’s YouTube channel for civil aspirants is 75 days FREE Crash course for GATE CE 2021: Champion Civil Series. This course includes free classes at 2 PM and 9 PM Mon-Fri by expert faculty from IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IITRoorkee.

Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus in depth helps to improve a candidate’s score as IIT Bombay recently amended the syllabus for GATE CE 2021 and made significant changes in the exam pattern as well, this year GATE Exam will contain MSQ(Multiple select questions) as well along with NATs, and MCQs.One must update their preparation strategy as well according the changes, as mentioned above Gradeup’s YouTube channel is a hub for civil candidates with all latest updates. Classes will be based on the new pattern and changed syllabus.

Previous Year questions also plays a crucial role in achieving this score, as they give you a preliminary idea of what could be the expected questions, for this as well this channel is going to be beneficial for Civil Candidates as there will be a expected question marathon(non-stop study) on Sundays at 12 PM.

We have few tips for all the GATE CE 2021 Aspirants to score 75+,

Plan: Having a proper plan push you to go beyond your limits to attain your daily goals.

Previous Year Questions: They are best way to taste what the exam will actually feel like, they not only tell what type of questions were asked in previous years but also let you know what could be the expected questions in the upcoming exam.

Daily revision: Revising your concepts improvise your scores and help you to do better.

Mock Tests: Gives you real time experience and helps you to analyze your level of preparation, also prepares you for the real exam.

Consistency: Whatever plan you are following it is very important to stick on it and be consistent in attending regular classes, regular practice.

To help you to achieve this milestone, this channel is going to benefit you in multiple ways. If you are determined enough to score 75+ then you must subscribe to this channel with the following benefits:

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We wish you luck for GATE CE 2021.


Prep Smart. Score Better.