Steel business tycoon, multi-millionaire woman falls in love with her Servant, She gave him ₹7 Lakh

It is indeed true “Love is blind and has no boundaries” Love is beyond Society, Religion and culture. It is the purest and selfless form that connects two souls forever with each other. But the love story of a steel businesswoman and her servant has caught everyone’s attention.

Coming from Chhattisgarh, the woman fell in love with her servant to the extent of insanity, he kept on bonding with the businesswoman by pretending to be married and he also loved her immensely, but one day he said that he would go back home and did not come. Now the woman entrepreneur reaches his house in search of him.

Actually, the woman is looking for her servant whom she loves very much. While searching for the servant, she has reached Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. The businesswoman has complained to Raisen’s SP Monica Shukla about this matter. She said that a boy from Raisen used to work with her. Both fell in love and started living together. They stayed together for a long time and now the man has run away to Raisen.

In her complaint, the woman, who lives in Ambikapur in Chhattisgarh, said that Vijay, a resident of Kishanpur in Raisen district, came to her in search of work four years ago and used to work as a servant. We fell in love with each other. After this, we started living in live-in.

The woman alleged that Vijay was having a relationship with her for four years on the pretext of getting married and a few days ago, he left for his home saying that he would return soon. But, after reaching home, he changed his mood and refused to come back.

The woman said that she came to Raisen from Chhattisgarh in search of her lover and when she reached the boy’s house, his family beat her up and wanted to sell her in Nagpur.

His family does not want to send his son to her. The woman alleged that Vijay had also brought seven lakh rupees from her. She raised questions on Police for not taking action in this matter.

Police have launched an investigation into this case. Superintendent of Police Monica Shukla says that instructions have been given to register a case in the concerned police station on the woman’s application.

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