List of people who used Social media effectively and became super-rich in life

There are several social media platforms in the digital world. Majority of the users surf these sites for entertainment purpose and to interact with their friends, relatives etc. Many people think that spending time on social media is a mere waste of time. You’re wrong if you come up with this statement. Besides all this entertainment stuff, one should take note of the fact that social media also serve as the best opportunity to build a career.

The youths who didn’t get a job outside the world have started to jump into the online world for a better future. For the unversed, there is a post called Social Media Brand Manager where they earn around Rs.16-18 Lakh.

These experts have a sound knowledge of social media platforms and are responsible for handling the social media reputation of a company. They observe the kind of comments what people post on social media for their company and then try to make necessary adjustments only to ensure that there the company’s image on the internet is good.

19-yr-old youth Avinash Mada made ₹80 lakh from Instagram in 6 months

List of people who used Social media effectively and became super-rich in life
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Avinash Mada has established himself as one of the richest youths in the country. So, how did he manage to become rich with the help of social media? Let’s learn about it. The more he started surfing about Instagram, the better he learnt that there is a massive chance for him to build a strong foundation.

At an age where youths are pursuing studies in college, this 19-year-old B.Tech student of LPU has managed to find a way to earn massive income out of Instagram and that too within 6 months of time.

The young entrepreneur who is behind two successful start-ups is now seen as a youth icon in India. He helps people to improve their marketing strategies, teaches them how to earn more and more clientage and followers. He charges each client up to $1,000-2,000.

He added that he had started it all as a hobby as he made an Instagram Page and started to post memes on it. Very soon, he discovered that the followers started to expand with time and companies have also approached him on a product-promotional basis.

He went on to claim that anyone who is into digital marketing can get into this business and earn up to 3-6 Lakh per month with ease.

Talking about Avinash’s clients and future plans, he has clients ranging from E-Commerce Masters to Skin Care Products and as many as 7 freelancers across the world are working with him. He is also offering an IG Empire course to youngsters in which he will teach them how to earn money using small tricks and techniques on Instagram and how to improve the base of followers.

He has been busy working on this course and has recorded around 100 videos which he will offer to his students and charge up to $500-1000 from each one of them.

8-yr-old kid has earned ₹185 crores in 2019

List of people who used Social media effectively and became super-rich in life
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Usually, 8-year-old kids probably play video or PC games, assemble toy bricks, solve some puzzles, watch cartoons and so on. In an age where kids play with toys, this 8-year-old elementary school kid, Ryan is making millions in revenue in a year from his YouTube account, according to Forbes.

Ryan ToysReview, popular YouTube star took the No. 1 spot in 2018 on Forbes’ annual list of the highest-earning YouTube accounts.

Ryan the 8-year-old “host” of Ryan ToysReview, a famous toy-review channel on YouTube, jumped from No. 8 to No. 1 on Forbes’ annual list of YouTube stars who are earning the most money.

A family-run YouTube channel named Ryan ToysReview earned about $22 million in pretax income from June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2018, according to Forbes, up from $11 million the year before. The estimate of $22 million put Ryan ToysReview ahead of controversial star Jake Paul ($21.5 million).

In 2016, The Verge profiled the channel and Ryan’s parents, who have shot and produced the account’s frequently (nearly daily) released videos since Ryan ToysReview started in March 2015.

Ryan ToysReview started out at a slow pace until a July 2015 video went viral on social media platforms. The video shows Ryan opening and reviewing a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series. The video has close to 935 million views.

The channel keeps the young kids engaged in the latest activities as it reviews new toys or kids’ food products. The most interesting part is that the videos feature some enthusiastic commentary from Ryan with off-camera guidance from his mom and dad.

Ryan also signed a deal with Walmart to sell a toy line- “Ryan’s World” exclusively in over 2,500 US stores and Walmart’s website. Besides that, he has a brand collaboration deals with Colgate, Nickelodeon, Roku, etc. Additionally, he has his own set of toys and merchandises that his followers love to afford that is being sold at Target, Amazon and Walmart. The kid even has media deals with networking giant Hulu.

Ryan ToysReview has a massive fan-following with as many as 26.7 million. Today, the eight-year-old is the highest-paid YouTube star in the world this year.

A girl named Chelsea earns Rs.9 lakh/hr by playing games at home

Money is an important factor these days. You get paid based on your work standards. If you are a hardworking person, you may earn a good amount and if you combine both hard work and smart work, then earning handsome money would be easy.

Earlier, people used to earn money only through offline segment but now, the internet offers a broad spectrum of options for the people where they can earn money and lead a luxurious life. Well, one can’t deny the fact that the internet has changed the way we live our lives in the contemporary world. For a fact, online games are addictive and it attracts more people.

List of people who used Social media effectively and became super-rich in life
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Earning money by playing online games is such a super cool job. Isn’t it? This Australian girl, identified as Chelsea, is living her dreams just by playing online games. She finished her degree in agriculture but her full focus is on computers and gaming so she made up her mind and chose her own path where she could find a job with fun and entertainment.

After completing graduation, Chelsea was looking for ways to earn money and her life saw a turning point when she came to know about the online gaming fun-filled job. She liked it from the word go and she started to work on that and gradually became an expert. You’ll be amazed after knowing her income. She plays video games and earns 8 lakhs per hour. Yes, you read that right! 8 lakhs in just 60 minutes.

You must be figuring out how she is making so much money just by playing games. To dig deep, she gets paid for the advertisements that are displayed during her live gaming streaming and this is how she manages to earn a staggering amount. For watching her play, the online users splash the cash and pay for the subscriptions. Not just that, many other popular companies are also paying her for playing games made by them.

When the girl plays, it’s a win-win situation for both sponsors and Chelsea as companies draw the target audience through live streaming and she earns more. Chelsea has over 46.6 lakh followers on the microblogging Instagram platform and she bags additional money through sponsored posts on Instagram as well.