Pregnant Daughter accuses own father of rape, DNA test of baby reveals a big secret

In Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, a case of embarrassing relations has come up. A woman who gave birth to the child after 17 days of marriage has accused 11 people including father-brother. The incident came to the fore when the girl gave birth to a baby 17 days after the marriage.

On 29 December 2019, a woman, who is a resident of Banthara, Lucknow, accused her father and brother of rapping her for over three years. She lodged a rape case against her father and her brother. 

SP sent a letter to the IG and demanded an investigation into the case. Describing the entire matter, it has been said that a woman from the Banthara, Lucknow was married on 19 April 2019 in a village in the Unnao Sadar Kotwali area and 17 days after the marriage she gave birth to a child on May 6.

After 17 days of marriage, when the in-laws questioned the woman about the birth of the child, she accused her father, husband, and cousin, along with the former head of the village, raping her. She said that 11 people including her father and brother have been raping her when she was 13 years old. On December 28, SP met the victim. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the SP instructed the woman police station in-charge of Sunita Chaurasia to file a report and the next day on December 29, the police started the investigation on the instructions of the SP.

It has been learnt that when her family came to know that she had become pregnant, she was immediately married. After giving birth to the son, the girl implicated 11 people including her father and brother in a false case to cover her crime. Later, a DNA test revealed that Dilip, the lover of the girl, is the kid’s father. The accused lady and her lover both have been arrested and sent to jail.

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