Meet Kangana’s high profile lawyer Rizwan, who saved her office from BMC

National Award winning actress Kangana Ranaut has proved us time and time again that she is the real QUEEN of Bollywood. There are several actresses in Bollywood but only Kangana gave bold and fearless statements and only she had the guts to say this.

Kangana has been very vocal about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case since the very beginning. Starting from igniting the debate of ‘insiders vs outsiders’ in Bollywood to demanding justice for the late actor, the actress has done it all.

Kangana is currently at loggerhead with the Maharashtra government. The tussled turned murkier recently after her office was demolished by BMC. Meanwhile, in an exclusive interaction, Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui gave insight into the events that led up to the demolition attempt. Siddiqui is currently fighting actor Kangana’s case in Mumbai High Court.

Siddiqui is also known as celebrity lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui in Mumbai. The actress approached the high court through her advocate Rizwan Siddiqui seeking a stay on the demolition process. Following which, the Bombay High Court ordered a stop to the demolition and served notice to the BMC.

Speaking exclusively with Republic TV, Rizwan Siddiqui said that justice shall prevail in the case. A day after ordering a stay on the demolition of the Manikarnika actor’s Pali Hill office, the Bombay High Court has adjourned the matter until September 22.

The notice given is illegal and they entered the premises illegally. There was no work underway at the premises, lawyer Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui revealed that the work on the office premises was over 18 months back. He highlighted that the BMC’s own affidavit does not rely on any document to show that construction was taking place. He went on to say that the truth will come out in the amendment to the writ petition which will be filed on September 14. Kangana’s legal counsel also reiterated that the compensation for all the damages caused to her would be recovered.

Siddiqui remarked, “The burden of proof is on the BMC to prove that we were carrying on construction activity for giving them the liberty to serve a notice of 24 hours. As I have always maintained, Kangana’s not been in Mumbai, but in Himachal for the last 6 months. There was no work going on. There was no plumber, carpenter, any workmen they were talking about. Their own affidavit does not rely on any such document. But as this matter is sub judice, I do not want to talk about the merits of the matter.”

“But I will definitely bring out the truth in the amendment to my writ petition on Monday. A lot of things will be disclosed to the court. I have got a lot of evidence now that my client is in Mumbai. There are certain things on public record which clearly show that the work on the premises was over and done with over 18 months back. I can also say justice will prevail,” he added. 

Siddiqui in the past has represented celebrities like Kangana Ranaut in her case against Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra in another case and a struggling model who had filed a case against a senior IPS officer alleging rape.

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