UP’s unique ATMs installed to sensitize hands and discharge Masks for only ₹5, initiative receives praises

At a time when millions of people across the country are searching for masks to protect themselves from the spread of the COVID-19, mask ATMs are being installed in Uttar Pradesh to meet the requirement of face masks.

Hearing the name of the ATM in the mind of every person, only the picture of an ATM with money comes. But have you ever heard of Mask’s ATM?

In a significant development, Saharanpur Municipal Corporation has started installing mask ATMs in Saharanpur. The city commissioner launched the mask ATM. These ATMs will help you get face masks easily.

All you need to do is to put a five-rupee coin in the ATM and get a mask from it. In addition to this, you can also sanitize your hands without putting hands in this ATM machine.

You will be surprised to know that what is ATM mask and how does it work? Let’s take a moment to know how it works?

ATM mask is an initiative started by the UP government, under which many ATMs are being installed in the state. With the help of these ATMs, anyone can get a face mask for only 5 rupees. The first mask ATM in the municipal corporation of Uttar Pradesh has been installed in the Saharanpur Municipal Corporation.

By putting a coin of only 5 rupees in the mask ATM, you will get a mask. If you buy the same mask from the market it will cost you between 10-15 rupees. Moreover, you can also sanitize your hands for free. Mask ATMs have been installed with a view to fulfilling the shortage of masks.

Municipal Commissioner Gyanendra Singh said that mask ATMs will be installed in all public places of Saharanpur and near public toilets, except the Municipal Corporation. Up to 50 masks can be inserted in this ATM mask. Employees will be deployed near the ATM mask machine to make people aware of this ATM.

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