Horrifying: small girl taken up in sky in a kite festival, in front of a massive crowd

In what could be termed as a terrifying experience, a shocking video went viral on social media like wildfire. In the video, a 3-year-old girl can be seen getting whisked 100 feet into the air after getting caught in the strings of a giant kite.

The unidentified girl participated in a kite festival on Sunday at Nanliao harbour in Hsinchu City when she was caught up by a giant, long-tailed orange kite. As per reports, the young girl was swinging violently through the sky for several seconds before being rescued unharmed.

She was holding onto a giant, long-tailed orange-coloured kite when a sudden gust of wind hoisted her off the ground by several metres. According to several reports, the toddler was frightened by the kite mishap. But fortunately suffered no physical injuries in the ordeal which lasted for nearly 30 seconds before the girl landed safely on the ground.

As soon as she went up into the sky her parents started screaming and shouting. It has been learnt that a group of people managed to catch her when she fell to the ground, with screams and yells filling the scene.

Although the girl was rescued unharmed, the Hsinchu City government reportedly decided to suspend the kite flying festival to conduct a safety review.

Earlier this week, a similar horrific incident took place when a little girl found herself in a terrifying situation after the inflatable unicorn that she was sitting on was swept away to the sea. The four-year-old was at the beach in the Greek town of Antirrio in the Gulf of Corinth with her family when a powerful current carried her away. Fortunately, she was rescued unharmed about half a mile from the shore by a ferry.

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