Father educated him with the help of “Paan Ki Dukan”, Son tops UPSC to be IAS

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is considered one of the toughest exams in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Everyone dreams to clear the Civil Services Exam, but very few are fortunate to crack the exam. Today, we are talking about such a man named Ishwar Kumar who finally cracked India’s toughest exam UPSC.

Ishwar Kumar has achieved something incredible in his life which others can only dream of. Mr. Kumar who secured 101st rank in the UPSC Civil Services exam faced difficulties in his career before touching the pinnacle of success.

Ishwar who hails from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has done the entire state proud by securing the 187th rank in the UPSC examination. His father Shiv Kumar who runs a pan shop has also come to limelight.

Shiv Kumar is the father of two daughters and two sons. His eldest son Ishwar Kumar has now become an IAS officer. His son’s achievement paid off his hard work and struggles. It was tough to run a family of six members. However, his struggles and his son’s dedication paid off well.

According to Shiv Kumar, his son did his schooling from Azamgarh. He also got 18th rank in 10th class. His parents took him to Lucknow for study and his father opened a pan shop in a bid to meet the expenses of his son’s career. He even took an education loan to make him an engineer.

When her mother Kusum Devi got to know that her son had become an IAS officer, she left cooking and immediately went to the temple. Ishwar’s mother says that after studying from Lucknow he went to Ghaziabad to do engineering and later got a job. Ishwar has always been a brilliant student, and his mother has always helped him in making all his dreams come true.

He was interested in sports like Cricket, Football and Hockey. He became an engineer, despite that he continued his studies. Much to his father’s expectations, he came through with flying colours as he cracked the civil services exam. He made his parents happy.

Ishwar Kumar Kandu says that he used to study along with his job. He would study for four to five hours every day. He resorted to online sources for his studies. He would study for 9 to 10 hours on a holiday. Surprisingly, he did not take any coaching for the UPSC civil services exam.

He has had many ups and downs but he didn’t let the negativity get the better of him. His journey doesn’t really talk only about UPSC Civil Services examinations. He has now become an inspiration for many youths who dream to crack the UPSC exam. He has achieved what others dream of. Many people read his inspirational story and get motivated. Let’s praise him for great achievement.

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