She got 2/100 marks in Math in 10th board exam, but after review, world got surprised to see final result

Almost every student face during their schooling or college days is exam results fear. Even the ones who don’t pray to God would offer sincere prayers to the almighty in the hope that they should somehow pass the exams.

When the results are announced, students would get numbness as they hesitate to check their marks. There isn’t anything to worry when you give absolutely everything in the exam as you would be expecting positive results considering the fact that you have presented the paper well.

What scares some students the most is getting unexpected results despite writing everything correctly. One such incident happened in Haryana which took the whole nation by a shock.

Supriya, a specially-abled student alleged that she was erroneously given only 2 marks in Mathematics by the Board of School Education, Haryana (BSHE) in her class 10 board examination as her answer sheet meant for ‘blind candidate’ was not checked following proper procedure. However, after re-evaluation, she got 100 marks in the same subject.

Haryana Board 10th result 2020 was declared on July 10 on its official website

It has been learnt that Supriya got just 2 marks in Mathematics in the 10th board examination. At this, Supriya applied for re-checking, accusing the board of not following due process in copy check. Surprisingly, after this, she got 100 marks in Mathematics.

There is a rule for disabled students that they can take the writer with them in the examination. Mathematics papers are different from all subjects. It consists of A, B and C code question papers. The writer’s job is to speak the questions and write the answers that the examinee answers.

Chhajju Ram said that Supriya’s math answer sheet was checked with normal students, due to which her answers looked different and she got only two numbers.

A partially sighted student says, “She was shocked and sad to see the 2 marks in Mathematics exam. At this her father applied for re-checking and after re-checking I got 100 marks. Supriya said that I would like to demand from the board not to do any other specially disabled student. ”

Supriya’s father Chhajju Ram says that Supriya scored more than 90 marks in all subjects, but she applied for re-checking when she got only 2 marks in Mathematics. Her father spent Rs 5,000 for re-checking, following which, she got a full 100 marks.

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