Disha Patani’s dad was asked to comment on her ‘Bold pics’ and this is how he replied

There is no hiding from the fact that Disha Patani is the hottest diva in Bollywood film industry. She has a beautiful smile, possesses good physique and body. To put in simple terms, te Malang actress is one of the sexiest actresses.

Despite being a top hot model, she couldn’t carve out a reputation for herself as a successful actress in the Bollywood film industry. However, the doesn’t change the fact that she has already established herself as the sexiest model in Asia.

One of the most aspiring actresses of the Bollywood Industry, Disha Patani is quite active across all official social account platform. The gorgeous actress has often hit the headlines for her quirky dressing style which grabbed people’s attention on social media.

Disha Patani has a huge fan-following on Instagram account with as many as 38.5 million followers. She is from a sophisticated background from Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly. Belonging from a normal family, Disha Patani’s style of dressing and pictures on her social profile were too much shocking for his family in the first place. Keeping this in mind, Disha Patani was asked about her parents’ opinion about her bold photographs.

Disha’s reply to the publication, “I think they are cool with it. My parents have been extremely supportive of me. I’ve always shared the pictures I shoot with my family because I want to keep them in the know. My mother is on Instagram now, with a different name. She stalks me, so I don’t send the pictures anymore (smiles!)”

The actress replied, “I know they [parents] are watching me. They know it’s work, and I am not doing anything wrong. I am sure they are proud of me. Of course, my father feels awkward whenever I send my pictures on the family group. After all, he is a father.”