Scientists from India and Israel to jointly develop a tool to test COVID patients under 30 seconds

In a significant development, India and Israel will work together to develop rapid testing tools for COVID-19, the Israeli Embassy in Delhi said on Thursday. The Embassy said that in the coming weeks, Israel Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health will lead an unprecedented anti-COVID19 cooperation operation between India and Israel.

Israel is going to send a high-level research delegation to India to conduct a series of “final stages of testing” as part of the joint effort to develop the rapid testing kits for COVID-19.

Briefing journalists from Israel, Dani Gold, the head of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development, Israeli ministry of defense, said the “breakthrough technologies” that would be tested in India include a voice test, a breathalyser test and an isothermal test. Gold said there has been “comprehensive research cooperation between the DDRD and India’s PSA.”

A readout from the Israel embassy here said, “A special planned flight from Tel Aviv to New Delhi is set to carry a high ranking MOD R&D team which has been working with India’s chief scientist and DRDO to develop rapid testing for Covid-19 in under 30 seconds. Merging Israeli technology with Indian development and production capabilities aims to allow a swift resumption of normal life alongside the virus.”

The novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, is bent upon killing human beings, eliminating them. By far, the virus has affected over 15.5 million people globally and the global death toll has risen to at least 634,000. In India alone, the confirmed positive cases of coronavirus have surpassed 1.3 million so far, while at least 30,000 people have died in the country from the infection.

Dharam Sikarwar
Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.