Hasin Jahan hid her marriage life from Mohammed Shami, She was married to this man

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami is one of the most iconic bowlers in the Indian cricket team. His fruitful contributions on the field are widely known to many.

Mohammad Shami’s estranged wife Hasin Jahan remains in the headlines daily due to her peculiar antics. Shami has not been living with his wife for over two years.

Hasin Jahan was born on 2 February 1980 in Siuri, Birbhum, West Bengal. She completed her schooling from Suri Rabindranath Tagore Girl’s High School and did her graduation from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata.

Hasin Jahan accused Mohammad Shami of match-fixing and having affairs with other girls. She also made allegations against Mohammed Shami for having illegitimate relations with other women. Not only this, Hasin Jahan also accused Mohammed Shami’s brother of raping her.

Most people know just one side of Hasin Jahan but not the other side. You will be surprised to know that Hasin Jahan fell in love with a grocer shopkeeper named Sheikh Saifuddin before marrying Mohammed Shami. Sheikh Saifuddin ran a small shop named ‘Babu Store’ in the Suri Bazar area of Birbhum district. Hasin Jahan got married to the grocer shopkeeper in 2002. They also had two daughters.

Mohammed Shami met Hasin during IPL in 2012. During that time, Shami used to play for Shah Rukh Khan’s team Kolkata Knight Riders. The two souls full of love and charm attracted each other. Attractions lead to friendship and slowly their friendship blossomed into beautiful colors of love. They finally got married in June 2014.

The couple has a daughter Aairah Shami who was born in July 2015. It must be noted that Shami isn’t Hasin’s first husband as she was earlier married to a businessman Sheikh Safiuddin. Hasin Jahan hid her first marriage from Shami. Later when Mohammed Shami came to know about it, he talked about keeping the two daughters with him, but Haseen Jahan refused to keep them.

She even made allegations against him for cheating on her. It is said that the relationship between the two has never been good. They live separately and Hasin has sought a divorce from Mohammed Shami.

Mohammed Shami is considered one of the best bowlers in the Indian Cricket Team having several records in his name. Shami created history after bagging a hat-trick in the 2019 world cup.

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