Karnataka Man builds Camera-shaped House worth ₹71 lakh, read details

Indians are known for their creativity. They are the ones who bring something new into existence and this is what makes them special which also sets them a class apart from other country people. Case in point, there are so many houses built in India.

Among them, Mukesh Ambani is the owner of the second-most expensive home in the world, which is, Antilia, ranks after the Buckingham Palace. Antilia is worth Rs 1,40,000,000,000 (14,000 crore rupees or USD 2 billion). Ambani’s home may be luxurious but not creative.

Meet Karnataka man who built a camera-shaped house which looks far more appealing and its cost is ₹71 lakh. Yes, the man is a photographer from Karnataka and recently went viral on the internet after pictures of his camera-shaped home started trending on Twitter.

According to All About Belgaum, the man identified as Ravi Hongal developed a penchant for photography ever since he was a child and used to go to the nearby rural areas to take some pictures.

Nonetheless, his love for photography pushed him to the next level as he built himself a camera-shaped home. In addition, the 49-year-old photographer also named his sons Canon, Nikon and Epson after the famous camera brands, which are also written on the house.

According to a tweet, Ravi had spent over USD 95,000 which is Rs 71,63,048 in building the three-story house. The details that went into building house are also simply remarkable. The exterior of the house comprises lens, a flash, a showreel, a memory card and a viewfinder. In addition, the ceilings and walls inside the home resemble several parts of the camera.