RSS worker voluntarily offers his body for Corona Vaccine trial, says Sangh taught me to help the society

RSS has once again hit the headlines after an RSS worker in West Bengal has voluntarily offered himself to be used to help find a vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19.

At a time when most of the people are gripped with panic, a few tend to stand out as an inspiration to others. RSS worker Dhibar has emerged as a real hero who, without even caring for his own life, offered his body for vaccine testing to find a treatment to coronavirus.

Chiranjit Dhibar, a school teacher has received a phone call from ICMR asking him to be ready for the clinical human trial of Covid-19 vaccine. 

Hailing from Durgapur in East Burdwan district of West Bengal, Dhibar has been told that the test will be conducted at the ICMR centre either at Bhubaneshwar in Odisha or Patna in Bihar. The date for the test is yet to be confirmed. 

An official from Patna ICMR approached him on Sunday stating that he will have to appear at the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital at Kalinganagar, Odisha. 

“I had sent a request to ICMR back in April. I wanted to undergo the clinical trial of the vaccine. That’s a little effort for our vast mankind. The tests have to happen on human beings. Someone or other has to come forward and take the risk. Then why not me. It’s my service to the nation. I am mentally prepared, there is no stress at all,” said Dhibar.

The offer is inspirational and worth appreciation. He will have to undergo several tests, basis of what he will finally be allowed to undergo the clinal human trial of the vaccine. More than 50 people from West Bengal alone had applied before ICMR to undergo the clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine, Dibar is the only one to have received a call back from Indian Council of Medical Research. His family was initially worried but has later supported the cause.

“Initially we were worried, that’s true. But now that I understand he is taking the risk for the nation, I feel proud of my son. I am hopeful that everything will go fine and the nation will soon have a vaccine to combat COVID-19,” said Tapan Dhibar, father of Chiranjit.

“It immediately made me feel that there is a chance to do something for the country. This dreaded disease has been sweeping across countries and I now have a chance to contribute to putting an end to that,” said Dhibar.

Dharam Sikarwar
Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.