30yr old Groom dead, 95 guests who attended his wedding test positive of Covid-19

In heartbreaking news, a 30-year-old groom, who was a software engineer in Gurugram, has lost his life due to coronavirus two days after tying the knot. More than 90 people who attended the wedding function which took place in a village, Patna have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

This news has left everyone in shock. The shocking news has created an atmosphere of fear among people in Patna. He was, however, cremated without being tested for Covid-19 even though he was symptomatic.

The district administration in Patna came to know about the groom’s death. Following this, close relatives of the couple were tested. As many as 15 people who had attended the wedding celebrations on June 15 tested positive for Covid-19.

The administration soon started conducting more Covid-19 tests and later, 80 more people tested positive for coronavirus, bringing it to more than 90 cases in only one day. It is possibly the first case of mass spread of coronavirus in Bihar so far.

It is being told that the groom succumbed on the way and his family had cremated the body without informing the district authorities. Due to which, the Patna administration could not test the deceased groom for Covid-19.

While speaking to The Times of India, Patna DM Kumar Ravi said, “Someone called me and told me about this incident. Groom had returned from Gurugram and even though he was symptomatic, the family went ahead with the wedding. When his condition deteriorated, his family rushed to AIIMS-Patna but he died on the way,” he said.

“After getting the call from a local more than a week back, we collected the sample of the groom’s relatives and his neighbours and 15 people then tested positive. We then started tracing all the contacts who had attended the wedding and 80 people tested positive on Monday,” he added.

The administration has said the family did not abide by the guidelines and went ahead with the wedding despite knowing the fact that the groom had developed coronavirus symptoms. As a result, as many as 95 people are currently suffering from Covid-19. 

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