Sushant’s father talks to Media for the first time after his son’s demise

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s sudden death by suicide sent down shockwaves to India and the entire nation is finding it really hard to believe that the extremely talented actor left all of us. He was only 34 years old and still had plenty more things to achieve or fulfil in his life and now we lost such a gem of a person and it is heartbreaking to all of us that we won’t be able to see him anymore.

His death by suicide was because he was going through mental bouts of depression. Though the reason was still unclear, the whole nation has been indicting nepotism for the death of this extremely talented actor.

Meanwhile, Sushant Singh Rajput’s father KK Singh spoke to media for the first time after his son’s demise. During a conversation with an entertainment portal Tadka Bollywood KK Singh talked abot his Sushant’s life, Ankita Lokhande, his marriage plans and much more.

Talking about Sushant Singh’s life and career the father said was a special soul,

“Pehle toh sab bolta tha par last me kya hua, usne bataya nahi. Bohot mannat maang ke paida hua tha Sushant. 3 saal mannat maangi thi uske liye. 4 ladkiyon main ek ladka tha. He was born after so many prayers. Mannat se jo manga jaata hai, wo aisa hi hota hai. Wo vishesh aatma tha. He achieved so much in just a few years, he was a special soul. People cannot achieve so much in a lifetime. (He used to be frank before, but didn’t speak much about what he was going through towards the end. We prayed for him a lot, for 3 years. He was our only son after 4 girls.)”

When asked ahout how Sushant Singh Rajput decided to pursue TV and films, his father added, “He left for Mumbai without telling me. He spoke to his eldest sister Neetu and left to follow his dreams. He was afraid that I might ask him to complete his studies. He got work in a serial soon after. My son was a self-made man. He said I would get ahead based on merit. What happened in the end, I don’t know.”

Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande, KK Singh said, “Ha wo aayi bhi thi, Bombay bhi aayi thi aur Patna bhi aayi thi. (She has come to Patna to visit him and also Mumbai after Sushant’s demise)”

Talking about Sushant Singh’s wedding plans he said, “Iss par baat hui thi, usne bola tha ki Corona me toh nahi, fir uske baad ek film aa rahi hai, wo karlenge, uske baad February-March mein dekhte hai karenge. Yehi last baat hui thi uske sath meri.(We had spoken about it earlier. He had told me that no in Corona but after film releases, he will plan about it in around February-March. This was the last conversation we had about his marriage.) We told him he should get married to a girl of his choice as he has to spend his life with her.”

Talking about if Sushant succumbed to industry pressure, “Ho sakta hai…. Filmy duniya mein ho sakta hai. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Hota hi hai, agar kisi ko dikhta hai bohot aage badhta hai, to kuch kar do. Hota hi hoga.”

He had also mentioned that Kriti Sanon had come to console him during the funeral, Sushant’s father said, “Aaye toh bohot log the lekin humse sirf Kriti Sanon mili thi, ha wo baith ke baat kiya. Hum toh baat nahi kiya, wo jo bol rahi thi hum sunte gaye. Aaye sablog aaye, par Corona ke chalte sab dur hi the. Kyuki muh pe mask tha toh hum kisiko pehechane nahi. Kriti Sanon bagal mein baithi thi na aur kisine bataya toh malum hua ki…par wo thi ya nahi thi wo malum nahi ha par ek smart ladki thi aur bol rahi thi ki pyaara ladka tha, yehi sab baat hai. (Many people had attended the funeral but only Kriti Sanon had met me. She talked to me. I didn’t say anything but I heard her talking. Everyone came and tried to talk but due to the coronavirus, they were standing away. I couldn’t identify who all were there because they were wearing masks. Kriti Sanon was sitting next to me and then someone told me about her. I still can’t recall whether it was Kriti or someone else but I remember there was a smart girl who told me Sushant was a lovely man.)”

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