Kersi Chavda- Personal Doctor of Sushant Singh, may be involved in the murder: Payal Rohatgi

The sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput had sent the shock-wave across the country. People from the film fraternity have started breaking their silence and speaking against nepotism, the exploitation and power-play that rules in Bollywood.

It is very much understandable that the humble and kind-hearted actor has suffered tremendous humiliation from the top honchos. The nepotism debate has been sparked off after his death. Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi, who held the Bollywood Mafia responsible for Sushant’s death, has now lashed out at Sushant’s psychiatrist Dr. Kersi Chavda.

Bigg Boss 2 contestant Payal Rohatgi shared a video on social media which has gone viral. In the video, the actress has called out the psychiatrist for saying that he has a habit of diagnosing all his patients with bipolar disorder.

She has even made some serious allegations against some known people in the industry and accused them of using their money power to sabotage Rajput’s career.

Payal revealed that she had once consulted the same doctor a long time ago and added that his medicines make people more depressed. She has connected Mahesh Bhatt to the psychiatrist and filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee as well. She further slammed Sonam Kapoor for calling herself privileged and also called out a Bollywood A-lister saying that he didn’t have to pretend to be nice if he was genuinely nice.

Earlier, Payal Rohatgi made an appeal to the Modi government not to give Awards to Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar, and Salman Khan. She also shared a video on Twitter in which she could be heard asking questions about the sexual orientation of Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor. She also asked them to come out and reveal their sexual orientation. Watch bellow what Payal has to say….

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