Sonu Sood’s struggling journey-He used to travel by Local Buses, trains in Mumbai

The recent event of Sonu Sood helping the migrant workers won the hearts of every Indian. The actor is so down to earth and Sonu Sood struggles and journey defines his nature as well.

The journey of this hero from being an engineer to becoming a star is truly inspiring. 

This handsome hunk kick-started his career in the entertainment industry with South Indian films. After having made his mark in Tollywood, Sonu Sood made his big Bollywood debut with Shaheed-E-Azam, as Bhagat Singh in 2002. 

However, his days of struggle in the starting of his career were not so good. When he came to Mumbai to become an actor, he thought that he will stay in Mumbai for just an year and will return back if nothing happens in this year span. But it took him 18 months to just figure out the roads and buildings of Mumbai that really mattered for an actor.

He used to live in a rented 1-BHK flat in Mumbai with many others stuffed inside the flat. This used to happen with all the outsiders who were new to the film industry. The actor would travel miles to get work in the industry and in Sonu Sood struggles and journey – this is what built him.

Things have changed drastically and the new aspirants can email their pictures as well as details to the agents. However, it wasn’t so systematic 20 years ago. The actors would have to go from office-to-office in order to get work.

But his mother supported him in the best ways and always told him to be patient. She always believed that things would work out at the right time and they did.

During his initial days in Mumbai, he used to travel with a pass in the local buses of Mumbai. Unlike the star kids for whom struggle is just getting to work in Karan Johar films, Sonu has worked from being Zero to a Hero in Bollywood and real life as well. Sonu has completed almost 20 years in the industry and has given great hits like Dabangg, Simbaa, Happy New Year and Entertainment, etc as an actor.

Having faced the real struggles, Sonu very well knows the difficulties of a new comer in the industry and he tries to help them in every way he can. Also, he is well aware of the struggles of a common man. Hence, his recent act of kindness for the migrant labors has made him the most loved actor these days.

Dipiya is a Journalist at The YOUTH - She is a Truth Seeker and is interested in matters that matter. Being a Divergent with a pinch of awesomeness & a single aim to make a difference, Dipiya is determined to make India aware of the real issues.