He thought his Camera is Off and satisfied himself in the middle of Conference call

The ongoing coronavirus epidemic has kept a checkmate to human lives all across the world. Due to this crisis, many of us are forced to maintain social distance between each other. People are working from home and a lot has been changed in human life because the technology has made life easier for us.

While technology is making human lives easier, it has its drawbacks too. In the latest instance, a man identified as ‘Daniel’ was in the middle of an official conference when he planned to ‘satisfy’ himself. Yes, what you are thinking right now is true.

The man thought that the web camera is turned off and he decided to satisfy himself and the video of which is doing the rounds on all internet platforms.

Daniel was literally bored to death during an office conference call, so much so that he even planned to take care of himself while the rest of the people continued with the official call.

As the video starts, Daniel can be seen bringing lotion including tissue papers to satisfy himself. Nonetheless, while doing so, he forgot to turn off his webcam and what happened next left the whole internet into splits.

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