Meet 16yr Old Chandni who forms Committee to help British nationals in India, in all possible ways

A Covid-19 Committee for UK nationals in India has been established to provide a united voice of hundreds of UK nationals stranded in India to engage with the FCO, Indian Authorities and Airlines to provide an effective means to channel a comprehensive solution.

The committee is completely free to join for UK members in any state within India and allows members a network to communicate with other UK nationals in India to help prevent the feeling of isolation in a foreign culture.  Moreover, the platform allows members to share their unique story through photographs and videos.

Chandni Mistry with Indian Kids
Chandni Mistry with Indian Kids

The committee has dedicated British volunteers available at all times for essential services to aid UK nationals in any query they may have or to help overcome struggles related to cultural differences. Members are provided support for up to 22 recognised languages in India. UK nationals in India will be provided with 24 hour contact details upon registration.

The committee also provides all UK nationals in India an opportunity to speak with Doctors and Dentists free of charge for essential enquiries and provides translators and state specialised information in clear British English at any time during the day. Additionally, the committee provides access to a certified training programme which enables UK nationals in India to become ambassadors against the pandemic to primarily break the chain of the pandemic infection. The complimentary training and certification is recommended as the committee works for UK nationals to travel back home.

Co-founder and chairwoman of the committee; Chandni, a British Citizen herself, is amongst one of the youngest medical student in the United Kingdom and has been stranded in an Indian village after the abrupt call for a twenty-one day lockdown, during her voluntary services to orphan children in the area.

The committee can be initially contacted on [email protected]