Girls share Unluckiest moments they got their period, read details

Period is a flow of blood from the lining of the uterus which lasts for a few days and occurs in sexually mature women who are not pregnant at intervals of about one lunar month until the menopause (time that marks the end of your menstrual cycles).

Women go through this on countless occasions and it can’t be controlled when it comes and goes. However, there is hardly any girl or woman who has not got her period at a very unexpected time.

Here are confessions from girls who have shared their most unfortunate time they got their period:

I started my period when I was getting a pelvic exam.

I was at the dentist today and got my period. I got too embarrassed to tell my male dentist, so when I got up, there was a pool of blood.

I once got my period at church. So when they passed around the wine I “accidentally”, I was panicking and it was the first thing that came to my head.

I still kept calm and didn’t get angry when confronting Apple service and about an Apple computer problem while I just got my period.

Got my period at my friends house, on Halloween she did not have hers yet and the only adult their was her dad. More than a little awkward.

When I was at the gynecologist getting my last check up, I accidentally sneezed and got my period. Yep, never going back.

That awkward moment you’re on your period and see a picture of a burrito and start crying because it’s so pretty and you want one so bad.

Trans teen problem… Not being able to run in PE because you’re on your period but you can’t tell the teacher that because you’re a boy so you awkwardly waddle like a stabbed penguin.

That awkward moment when your period synchronized with your dogs, yeah this really happened to me.

That awkward moment when you’re at Disneyland and you start your period on the tea cups…

I got my period on my birthday when I was in Disney World.

The awkward moment when your male teacher asks why you’re late and you reply with that you had to go to the bathroom. Then he asks why it took so long but you can’t say because you were on your period.

When I got my period for the first time ever. I was 14 years old and on a nudist camping. Never felt so ashamed.

I got my period when I was at a burger van with my friends. They noticed that blood had leaked onto my shorts before me, so they put ketchup on me to look like I had just split ketchup on me.

The first time I got my period was during my algebra final. Needless to say I was uncomfortable for the whole 4 hours.

One time a few years ago I got my period right when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s.

I was in a store looking for my mom. When I found her, I whispered to her from behind “I think I got my period” it turns out, that person was actually a guy with long hair.

One time I got my period while sleeping in my friends bed once. When I saw the blood, I found red lipstick and made it look like I cut my back and that’s why the bed was bloody.

I was taking my SATs when I got my period for the first time. I was wearing white pants and noticed nothing until the end of a 4 hour test, most embarrassing moment of life. Thank god I had a jacket.

My most embarrassing moment at school was when I sat on my friends lap and got my period. Yep, she was not impressed.

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.