Record-breaking alcohol sale in Tamil Nadu in one day itself, read details

States across the country are making the most out of liquor mania now as there are queues in front of liquor outlets. It has been just three days since the liquor outlets across most parts of India reopened for the very first time in nearly one and a half months.

In India, Karnataka made the most out of the liquor business. On Monday (May 4) alone, Karnataka sold alcohol worth Rs 45 crores, while on Tuesday it set a staggering record sale worth Rs 197 crore. The earlier record was Rs 170 crore on December 28, 2019.

In Uttar Pradesh, Rs 100 crore worth liquor was sold in one day itself, while in West Bengal it was Rs 40 crore on Monday.

As far as Maharashtra is concerned, the liquor worth a staggering Rs 62 crore was sold on the second day since the shops were reopened. Nonetheless, BMC commissioner named Praveen Pardeshi had issued an order withdrawing the relaxations for non-essential and liquor outlets in the state.

Liquor stores in Haryana have reopened on Wednesday after the state government allowed the same along with the imposition of a ‘COVID Cess’ on alcohol. Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Punjab have announced a hike in liquor prices.

If there is one state which is notably missing in this list, then it is Kerala because it is the land of the highest per capita liquor consumers in the country.
Quite surprisingly, Kerala is among one of the few states in India that have said no to reopening liquor shops after lockdown restrictions were passed.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation on Thursday sold liquor worth ₹170 crore. The staggering revenue came from just 3,700 shops.

Credits: ANI

It is to be noted that prime sales happen during Deepavali and New Year, when sales touch a record ₹250 crore (two-day average). On New Year’s eve, customers across Tamil Nadu bought liquor worth ₹150 crore. On December 30, 2019 alone, Tasmac sold liquor worth ₹92 crore.

Despite the massive sale of alcohol being the biggest ever revenue generator for the state government, it has planned to defer it till May 17 while also adding that it will be literally not possible to maintain social distancing and could lead to an increase in the number of coronavirus cases.