Father was angry when 4 daughters were born, today they are ruling Bollywood

Father was angry when 4 daughters were born, today they are ruling Bollywood

Girls are considered as goddesses in Indian culture. We cannot imagine a world without women. Everywhere women are the responsible community that gives life to the new generation.

In every point of life, we find that women make their place equal to men. That is an achievement for them as they were and are ignored in society.

If a woman is not a part of society then the place will be full of anger, fight and deaths as women are the ones who take the charge and stop these kinds of trouble. If there were no women in society then there would have been no existence of this society. They are the roots of society and the Earth.

There is no difference between girls and boys. But Some people think differently in India. There is no happiness when a girl is born. They say the son will carry forward our lineage, but the daughter will get married and go off to another family.

However, it would not be wrong to say that people have changed their attitude about women over a period of time.

In today’s world, women are no less than men as they have surpassed men in almost every field. There was a time when girls used to be considered as a curse. Father of singer Neeti Mohan “Brij Mohan Sharma” had the same attitude about girls. Brij Mohan Sharma is the father of Neeti Mohan, Shakti Mohan, Mukti Mohan and Kriti Mohan.

Brij Mohan was angry when four daughters were borne at his home, but today his daughters are ruling Bollywood. They are making a great contribution to the Bollywood industry and making him proud.

His daughter Neeti Mohan is a well-known playback singer in Bollywood. This great singer needs no introduction. Hailing from Delhi, this young lady has mesmerized her millions of fans with her melodious voice. She is a renowned playback singer in India. She has lent her sweet voice to many Bollywood songs. The very talented singer has become a source of inspiration for the younger generation.

Shakti Mohan is an Indian dancer and television personality. She is now making news because of her passion for dance. Shakti Mohan became the winner of Dance India Dance season 2 and also participated in many other reality dance shows including Jhakal Dhikla Ja.

Now, if we talk about Mukti Mohan. Mukti is also a choreographer like her elder sister Shakti Mohan. She had done choreography in many films. Mukti is a famous choreographer in India.

Kirti Mohan is the youngest of four sisters. Kirti did not try her luck in the film industry. She works as a software engineer in a reputed company.

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