Read how he became Crorepati from making profit of just 25 paise

Driving without a helmet is highly dangerous and nobody knows what the real consequence is if someone met with an accident. Time and again, traffic policemen keep advising the citizens to wear helmets while driving because life is precious.

Sometimes, people feel discomfort in wearing helmets and which is why they are least bothered to wear it. But time will surely teach a lesson to those people why wearing helmets is important while driving. However, after increased awareness, the demand for helmets are high now. Almost every rider has a helmet at home.

Thanks to Subhash Kapur for his helmet business. From making a profit of only Rs 25 paisa in stitching cloth pouches to building a 200 crore rupees empire, this is one of the most inspirational stories.

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However, his journey wasn’t that easy. “At times, I had to sleep on an empty stomach,” says Subhash explaining the story of how it all began.

Let’s take a look at how Subhash Kapur touched the pinnacle of success from helmets. His company Steelbird Hi-Tech is one of the top companies in India. Subhash learnt about the importance of wearing helmets while driving can save lives.

In the 1960s, a person met with a road accident in India and dies every five minutes and this is shocking statistics. This goes to show why wearing a helmet is such an important thing in India.

“I recognised the crucial role helmets could play in lowering this statistic,” Subhash Kapur says.

He said that he was deeply connected with family business after being done with studies in Delhi University. He also explained how he managed to learn the art of manufacturing helmets on his own and start his own company.

“I was involved in family business—trading vehicle oil filters—having joined immediately after completing my matriculation from Delhi University, in 1959. However, I was ready to branch out on my own by tapping this new opportunity. So, I decided to manufacture helmets,” he says.

As the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, Subhash Kapur started doing in-depth research on helmet in 1971. He had imported the product from Germany to learn how it was actually manufactured. He studied the whole process and after a couple of years, he was ready to launch his own company.

“I started research on the product in 1971, even imported a helmet from Germany to understand how it was made. Two years later, I was ready to launch my company with a seed capital of Rs 2 lakh. Our first product was Mayur, an open-face helmet,” he added.

22 years later, he registered a new company by the name of Steelbird Hi Tech India Limited. Today, their annual turnover is Rs 200 crore.

“In 1992, I registered a new company, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited, and shifted the entire business to it. Today, our 900-employee company comprises several factories and a footprint in nearly 130 countries. Practically 50% of our Rs 200 crore annual business comes from the export market,” he added.