7-yr-old girl wins cricketers’ hearts with batting skills, leaves them speechless

At an age where students play indoor games, a seven-year-old girl by the name of Pari Sharma has developed a penchant for cricket, which is the most-followed sport in India. She stole the spotlight of many in the cricketing fraternity with her flawless batting technique at such a very young age.

She drew immense praise from every nook and corner of the cricket world and the best part was that the professional cricketers including former England men’s team skipper Michael Vaughan, West Indies’ Shai Hope and England woman cricketer Alexandra Hartley praised the girl for her exceptional batting technique.

The video of her deftly playing cricket shots like a hot knife through butter spread like wildfire on all social media platforms.


Pari Sharma, who hails from Rohtak in Haryana, wowed cricket fans with her marvellous footwork and shots on both offside and leg side after a video of her was shared by ESPNcricinfo.

ESPNcricinfo had tweeted the 56-second video of Pari playing a few shots while also complimenting her timing, footwork and shots. “7-year-old Pari Sharma is full of talent!” read the tweet.