Husband hasn’t visited us in last 15dyas: Wife of doctor treating COVID-19 patients

A friend in need is the friend indeed. But today one should change it a little bit to be more relevant by saying – “a doctor in need is a doctor indeed”. Because the doctors are our most wanted friends in the time of crisis. They are the ones who could save us from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amid the worldwide panic over the novel coronavirus outbreak, doctors, who are putting their lives at risk and treating coronavirus patients, have not been spared by the COVID-19

Coronavirus has put the entire world in a lockdown as there is no antidote of this disease so far. Millions of people across India are under shutdown in an attempt to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Presently, doctors and healthcare professionals are “warriors” in fight against coronavirus. Many doctors are now stranded and living away from their families due to country-wide shutdown.

Dr Sushant Muley is one among doctors who are far away from their families in this hard time. He works at Government Medical College & Hospital Nagpur, Maharashtra.

He has put his life at risk, and he is aware of the fact that there is no vaccine for the novel coronavirus at present, yet he is treating corona patients. His wife Shraddha Muley says that her husband has not come to home for the last several days.

Muley says we are desperately waiting for him and my son often expresses desire to see his father, but unable to fulfill his desire at this time. However, she makes a video call to her husband on the demand of her son.

“My husband hasn’t visited us in last 15 days. Every night, our son asks for him & I try to explain that his papa is on duty,” said wife of Dr Sushant Muley. “We are proud of my husband & pray that he doesn’t turn into a patient from a doctor,” she added.

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