11 lakh construction workers in UP get ₹1,000 each: CM Yogi

Amid the nationwide lockdown owing to the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic, homeless people and daily wage workers, who migrate to big cities from their home towns in search of jobs, are combating hunger for survival as the fast-spreading disease has now created a panic situation across India.

The situation had gone from bad to worse and during this crisis, celebrities, entrepreneurs, businessmen rose to the occasion by doing their best to help the country combat the pandemic.

The condition across the country is critical now. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said India’s current death toll from the coronavirus pandemic stands at 239, with the nation reporting 7,447 confirmed cases and out of them, 643 people have recovered from the disease. It is also to be noted that these confirmed cases are related to the Tablighi Jamaat meet in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area.

Picture Source: Zee News

In this crisis, construction workers are badly affected due to the lockdown imposed to check the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The construction industry grinds to a halt and the pandemic has left thousands of workers jobless. One of the badly affected states is Uttar Pradesh.

However, in an attempt to help the less fortunate whose livelihood was badly spoiled due to the rapidly-spreading coronavirus, UP CM, Yogi Adityanath came up with a positive announcement. He said that the government had decided to extend help to more than 11 lakh construction workers in the state.

Yogi Adityanath said that more than 11 lakh construction workers have been provided a sum of Rs 1,000 each in their respective bank accounts.

He said, “More than 11 lakh construction workers in the state have been provided Rs 1,000 each in their accounts,” said Yogi Adityanath.