Delhi restaurant stops woman for wearing Saree, says ‘we don’t allow such clothes’

You would be surprised to know that a woman was stopped from entering a restaurant-kylin and ivy located in Ambience mall, Delhi- because she was wearing Saree- an Indian ethnic attire. This is unbelievable news you might have ever heard.

A video circulating on social media shows that a Delhi restaurant restricts a woman from entering for wearing saree. It seems that the restaurant has implemented a dress code for customers.

According to sources, women can not go inside the premises if they are wearing Indian traditional saree. If any woman wants to have dinner at the hotel, she will have to wear some specific clothes instead of Dhoti to go inside the hotel. Those wearing Saree are denied entry to the hotel

Saree is considered the most famous traditional Bharatiya outfit worn by women. It is not only worn in India but women living all over the world have affection for this clothe. Many believe saree makes a woman look beautiful, elegant and stylish. It is a perfect attire for the women due to which they prefer to wear Dhoti on almost all occasions.

When it comes to traditional Indian dress, we always find Saree the most attractive outfit. Its popularity in India can be gauged from the fact that it always remains in demand and it is worn on almost all occasions, be it a wedding, a party or day-to-day work. The traditional Indian Dhoti has caught everyone’s attention worldwide. Be it East or West, North or South; Sarees are loved by young as well as old women.

Dhoti or Saree is the identity of the Hindu culture. But recently, a Delhi hotel has disrespected Bharatiya garments when it restricted a woman from entering the building. He did not even think that stopping a woman from getting into the hotel would defame Indian culture, but it is not acceptable to Indian women who respect Indian attire a lot.

If such restaurants are allowed in India which, without feat, denies our women entry to their premises only because they wear clothes in ethnic way, this may inspire our youths to loathe Indian culture. Their behaviors indirectly imply Indians have a backward culture which should not be allowed inside a modern luxurious space.

Saree is considered as a gift in Indian tradition. Despite being so influenced by western culture, very educated women in India prefer only Saree. Women in India are thoroughly independent to wear Saree or any clothes they find fit for them, the hotel management must tender an apology to the woman or the hotel ought to be shut inside India.

This is not a new incident in India, around two years ago a similar incident came to light when a person in Kolkata was stopped from entering a mall- namedQuest mall of Kolkata, since he came wearing ethnic clothe dhoti. He was let off soon after he argued in fluent English. Netizens expressed their anger and said some parts of the country continue to suffer from colonial mindset. How could a man be prevented from entering a premises for he wore a dhoti.

Kolkata mall denies entry to man wearing Dhoti

A close friend of the victim claimed that he was dressed in a respectful manner and yet the mall officials prohibited him upon noticing his traditional Indian dress. The mall management received a lot of flak from people from all walks of life on social. Which forced it to tender apology.

Hours after the matter took place, a city based actor Debleena Sen posted videos and images of the matter on the internet. Sen also confirmed that when the victim met the officials they were bluntly told not to record the conversation on camera.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.