Who is this Zomato Boy? Why his video instantly went viral?

Those days, when there were no internet facilities, people had to work hard to become a star. But now in the age of social media, one can become an overnight star.

In this growing digital world, people are becoming famous through the advancement of social media platforms. With social media, everybody is a celebrity now. There are people who became an overnight sensation because of social media. Now let’s take a look at a young Zomato delivery boy who became a star due to social media platforms.

Recently, a video on TikTok went viral in which a Zomato delivery boy could be seen answering few questions. The delivery boy, identified as Sonu, became a sensation on the internet after a video of him spread like wildfire within no time.

He became an instant social media sensation for his good looks for his smile and expressions. It should be noted that netizens have taken inspiration from the viral picture to share funny memes all over on social media.

It all started when a TikTok user uploaded his video in which he is seen answering questions.

Here are some questions the young boy was asked like how much does he earn, what happens to the canceled food orders and more.

There was a smile on Sonu’s face while answering the questions. Sonu says that he earns Rs 350 per day, plus incentives and if an order gets canceled, he is free to take it. His smile and expression caught everyone’s attention on social media.

This is not the first time where a video of a Zomato delivery boy had gone viral on social media, earlier a video of a Zomato delivery boy also had gone viral in which he was seen eating from sealed food packs. Laters, the company took strict action against him.

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