TikTok user almost died as his underwater stunt goes wrong, gets trapped under Ice

TikTok has been an addictive app of late across the world. The short video application wildly famous with lip-syncing teenagers around the world has taken India by storm, thus making India TikTok’s biggest global market. It has been learnt that out of half a billion users.

TikTok is an app that allows you to share short clips and the idea is to use dance or lip sync to ‘background music or movie dialogues’ to create the most viral clip. Recently, the app faced a massive backlash for exposing younger ones to “inappropriate” content.

While TikTok stars often come up with interesting ways to woo the audience, one of the users tried something different and literally put himself in a “dying” situation. Yes, you read it right. He almost died by taking the extreme step.

With over four lakh followers, Jason Clark attempted to swim under ice while recording a TikTok video. Unfortunately, Clark was trapped as he was not able to find his way out.

Taking to his Instagram handle, he wrote, “I have never been this close to dying. I didn’t think my eyeballs would freeze so quick. The surface of the water where the hole was didn’t look any different than the bottom of the ice. When I flipped around and felt solid ice I thought I was at the hole. When I wasn’t that’s when I decided to head back and follow the dust I kicked up. The dust I kicked up had drifted and led me further away. I then tried to break the ice with my back, you can see in the video. I don’t know what made me turn around one last time.

I was so short on the breath I couldn’t really see anymore. I had accepted that was it and I wasn’t going to make it. I swung my hand at what I thought was just a lighter spot of ice and my hand came through. I then got a ton of energy to stand up. It took 2-3 breaths to regain my vision after resurfacing. Aftermath is in the other video. ?: @abbytodolist was filming. When there are scary moments I joke a lot. She genuinely thought it was another one of my jokes and didn’t recognize the severity of the situation.”

Watch the video here:


The man didn’t hesitate to do the second attempt. “Second attempt went a little better. You have to try it twice! Added a little more safety. The exit hole is almost comically big,” he wrote.


The video started doing the rounds with plenty of fans reacting to the viral video. “This video gave me so much anxiety,” wrote a user while another tweeted, “I thought jumping on the ice was crazy. This made me sweat, crazy dude.”