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Athletes are not only earning huge sums in their respective fields but also in other business ventures too. They gain through advertisements, endorsements. They even get paid through social media per post as well. Well, do you know much do celebrities through Twitter per post? The numbers are staggering!

Whenever athletes upload a post, they get instant reactions in a matter of seconds. Nowadays it’s easier for us to connect with people who are miles away from us and thanks to social media which made our lives a bit easier. There is no hiding from the fact that we do like and comment especially when a big celebrity shares something.

Today, we will learn about the five most valuable athletes on Twitter. They charge the most for a single Twitter post.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the greatest football players in the modern era, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most valuable athlete in the world on Twitter. The 35-year-old, Portuguese footballer, who plays for top Italian club Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, has 82.7M followers on Twitter.

Ronaldo who had played for Sporting, Manchester United and Real Madrid charges $868,604 per post on his Twitter account.

Andrés Iniesta

Next on the list is the legendary Andrés Iniesta. The former Barcelona player was a special football player in La Liga. He was someone who added a new dimension to Barcelona’s attack. The Spanish star has 24.6M followers on Twitter and earns an advertising value of $590,825 per post. After leaving Barcelona, Andrés Iniesta has been playing for Japanese soccer club Vissel Kobe.

Neymar Jr.

The third person on the list is none other than Neymar Jr. He is one of the best players in the world. Hailing from Brazil, Neymar Jr. has 45.6M followers on Twitter and takes $478,138 for a single post on Twitter handle.

LeBron James

The NBA superstar LeBron James charges $470,356 per Twitter post. In fact, he is the only American athlete in the top five most valuable athletes in the world on Twitter platform.

Virat Kohli

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is already going places not just in the game of cricket but also in other business ventures as well. He earns whopping money through advertisements, endorsements.

Having more wealth means one can easily invest money in several other businesses. Virat Kohli owns a string of gyms under the name ‘Chisel’. He has invested money in startups named ‘Stepathlon Kids’ and ‘Sports Convo’, wherein he is also a brand ambassador. In addition to that, he has an e-commerce fashion brand WROGN.

Virat Kohli is placed fifth on the list of highest-paid athletes in the world for Twitter posts. The estimated value per tweet is $350,101. The world’s best batsman has 33.8M followers on his official Twitter handle.

Written by Sagar Abhinandan

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