Watch: Donald Trump struggles to pronounce Sachin Tendulkar’s name

USA President Donald Trump who made his trip to India hit the headlines for a bizarre reason as he struggled to pronounce country’s cricketing greats properly. As the United States President Trump addressed the spectacular new Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad at its grand opening on Monday (February 24), Trump mentioned two names – Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli in his speech but by doing so, he couldn’t pronounce Sachin’s name.

The 73-year-old President struggled with the pronunciation of Tendulkar’s first name in a video that is doing the rounds on the internet.

On his first official visit to India, Donald Trump addressed a huge public rally with the host India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Despite the fact that he didn’t pronounce properly, he still received massive reception from the fans in the new stadium, which has a capacity of 110,000.

“India will always hold a very special place in our hearts,” said Donald Trump, who also praised Modi and the spectators. “India gives hope to all of humanity. In just 70 years, India has become an economic giant, the largest democracy ever to exist and one of the most amazing nations anywhere in the world. “Since the turn of the decade, India’s economy has grown six times.”

“This is the country where the people cheer on some of the world’s greatest cricket players from Soochin [sic] Tendulkar to Virat Kohli. “All over the planet people take great joy in watching the hub of genius and creativity known as Bollywood – Bhangra, and classic films like DDLJ and Sholay.”

Watch the video below