India gets new indigenous robots, can defuse 1000kg bombs without human presence

There is good news for the Indian Air Force that IAF will soon procure robots that are capable of defusing 1,000 kg bombs. The robot will stop Pakistan’s nefarious designs.

These robots have been produced by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Recently DefExpo 2020 was held in Lucknow. As many as 1028 companies participated in the event. At the event, these robots were displayed. 

IAF felt the need of these robots in the wake of Balakot airstrike in which Pakistan air force targeted Indian military installations and dropped bombs in response that remained unexploded and continued to be a threat. Tensions between India and Pakistan had escalated just after the Balakot air strike, then India realized that India should have such robots that can protect Indian military installations like a shield.

According to sources robots will soon be inducted into the Indian Air Force that will further strengthen the capability of IAF

Though the Unexploded Ordnance Handling Robot (UXOR) was not officially inducted by the Indian Air Force, it was used to defuse the bombs, sources said.

The IAF is now in the process of acquiring these robots after they have been put through several trials.

‘We have conducted many trials of this robot with the Indian Air Force, a practice of bomb defusing many locations has also been done’. These robots will be controlled through a mobile center, that is, human capability will not be required for bomb diffuses.” said DRDO scientist Alok Mukherjee, who has been part of the developing team.

After the induction of these robots, India will be able to stop Pakistan Air Force from destroying Indian territories. Several trials have been made so far but the date of induction has not been revealed yet. These robots can be controlled remotely from a distance of 2km. The operator can locate and defuse the explosive by using high pressure water jets,” Alok Mukherjee said.

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