B’wood event manager Rehan Siddiqui is on Radar of Indian Govt, he allegedly funds Kashmiri separatists

Houston-based Pakistani event manager Rehan Siddiqui is on the radar of the Indian government as he was accused of helping Kashmiri separatists with funds raised from events in the US. According to media sources, Rehan Siddiqui uses funds raised from concerts to finance Kashmir-related anti-India activities in the US. He has been organising music concerts and film industry galas in order to raise funds for several years. But he has now come in the headlines after he was held responsible for offering financial assistance to Kashmiri separatists so that they could spread anti-India propaganda. His activity has made a highlight on the news channel.

Rehan has been doing illegal activity in Jammu & Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI. Pakistan, who can’t afford to fight a conventional war against India, is now waging a proxy war because if Pakistan fights a conventional war against India, it will surely lose the war. Now, it has been revealed that Rehan Siddiqui is an ISI agent who arranges big Bollywood events in town and makes use of the cash generated from these concerts for anti-India actions associated with Kashmir.

The revelation was made by Indian authorities after an Indian group wrote a letter to the Foreign Ministry and Indian officers about ‘ISI agent’ Rehan.

Now, Indian authorities are tracking the activities of radio station owner Rehan Siddiqui. It is said that he is all set to organise another Bollywood gala in the city later this year. Rehan Siddiqui has been organising big concerts for over 23 years and has produced more than 400 successful concerts so far. Claims have been made that he uses such opportunities to spread anti-India propaganda among Kashmiri people. Many film and cine worker associations have been writing to the government to put a stop to Siddiqui’s nefarious designs.

It has been learnt that Siddiqui and other Pakistan nationals are spreading anti-CAA propaganda in Houston, America. He along with other Pakistan nationals may organise anti-CAA protests across Houston. “He owns a radio channel and brings Indian artists to Houston for Bollywood concerts. He uses his radio channels as a platform to run anti-India propaganda,” said a prominent member of the Indian community in Houston.

“We have written to the Indian government that it is important to deprive people like Siddiqui of access to Indian artists. If Bollywood actors continue to become a part of these events, it will do nothing to help efforts by the Indian community to fight anti- CAA and anti-Modi propaganda,” he further said.

Now, Bollywood star Salman Khan has also canceled his show in Houston that was allegedly supposed to be organized by Rehan Siddiqui who has been accused of raising funds from events to finance anti-India activities in the US.

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