Meet Venkatesh- Schoolboy who guided Ambulance on submerged bridge; gets bravery award

In what was an incredible tale of bravery that came out of Karnataka last year during the devastating flood, the video of a boy running across a submerged bridge spread like wildfire on social media in August 2019.

It should be noted that the video was taken from Hirerayanakumpi village of Devadurga taluk in Raichur district and the brave boy was 12-year-old, Venkatesh. When there was nobody to help, he alone risked his life and ran across the flooded bridge in a bid to guide an ambulance that was stuck due to raging floods.

Credits: BCCL

An ambulance carried as many as 6 children including the body of a deceased woman to Machanoor village of Wadagera taluk of Yadgir district. Due to heavy rains, the vehicle needed to be guided across the submerged bridge.

Venkatesh, a Class VI student was playing with his friends on the banks of Krishna and when he saw the ambulance stuck on the waterlogged bridge. As the driver found it really hard to find his way, Venkatesh reached out and asked him to follow him. Had it not been for his efforts and timely assistance, it would have been a different story altogether.

According to the video posted by The New Indian Express, Venkatesh can be seen rushing in front of the ambulance to make sure that it is ground underneath and that it crosses the bridge safely. The boy who is barely above water did his best and guided the ambulance.

People have been praising the little boy a hero and applauding his superb tale of bravery. “I really don’t know if what I did was an act of bravery or not. I just wanted to help the driver,” The New Indian Express quoted Venkatesh as saying.

The country has honoured his courage by giving the National Bravery Awards 2019.

The Indian Council of Child Welfare National Bravery Awards 2019 were presented on the occasion of Republic Day on January 26 where 22 children from across the nation was honoured for their extraordinary tale of bravery and one of them is 12-year-old Venkatesh. It should be noted that each awardee receives a medal, certificate, and cash, along with a possible education sponsorship till graduation from a philanthropic organization.

However, it was P Manivannan IAS officer, Secretary, Labour Department, Karnataka who recommended Venkatesh’s name to the Women and Child Development Department for the bravery award.

Last year, just days after the incident took place, the boy was felicitated by the state authorities on the occasion of Independence Day.

According to Venkatesh’s brother, Bheemaraya none of the family members knew Venkatesh’s brave acts until a video clip was shown on TV. His mother Devamma was shocked and also scolded him. “But later she appreciated him,” he told The Times of India.