Pregnant 13-year-old says “10-yr-old Russian boy is father to her unborn baby”

In shocking news, a 13 years old girl claims that she is pregnant and a 10-year-old boy is a father to her unborn baby. She says that she fell in love with him at first sight. Their love story has made news across the world, forcing people to think about how a 10-year-old boy can get a girl pregnant.

The couple identified as Daria, 13, and Ivan, 10, has appeared on TV in Russia ahead of their baby’s arrival to share details of their relationship.

According to the couple, they met each other a year ago and fell in love at first sight. The boy was examined by one of the leading Russian Doctors and the Doctor accused the boy of getting a 13-year-old girl pregnant because the boy is immature to produce sperm at a teenage, according to the doctor. 

The children’s family is also surprised after knowing that Daria is going to give birth to a baby. 

Daria, who is just eight weeks pregnant, said on a TV show, “A friend of mine introduced us and two days later we started dating.” 

Ivan said that he was in love with Daria and proposed to her. They would spend as much time together as they could. “We like walking down the streets holding hands and kissing.” Ivan said.

But many questions are being raised by people that how a 10-year-old boy can get a girl pregnant? After the medical report, it has become sure that the testicles of a teenage boy can produce live sperm. For boys puberty usually starts between the ages of 10-14 years old. As puberty hits, they begin to produce semen. However, this can not happen with all children. 


The schoolgirl said: “Ivan has gastritis and I do not allow him to drink carbonated beverages. Sometimes I worry about my weight but he says that I am in perfect shape and do not need to go on a diet. He is very kind.”

According to Daria, they had a physical relationship at his home when his mother was not available. 

She said, “After we did it for the first time, we hid from each other under the blanket out of shame.” Later on, Daria started to feel sick and had nausea most days. The girl’s mother Elena took her to hospital for examinations but doctors failed to find the cause of her ‘illness’. Finally, Elena bought a pregnancy test kit for her daughter.

Elena, who was also participating in the show, said: “The test showed that Daria was pregnant

. After that, she confessed to having sex with Ivan.
Dharam Sikarwar
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