Lady loses Rs 1.5 Lakh without giving any OTP or Pin, catch full details

A woman had lost 1.5 lakh rupees within 15-20 minutes after losing her wallet in the metro. The shocking part was that the hackers did it without filling in any One Time Password or Pin.

Neha Chandra, who is a Noida resident, was enjoying her new year vacation in Paris had accidentally lost her purse in the metro. Within just 20 minutes of time, 3 transactions happened from two of her HDFC Debit Cards and an HDFC Credit Card worth Rs 52,499.99, Rs 44,544.24 and Rs 52,499.99.

The event shocked Ms.Chandra and she immediately called HDFC Customer Care and got her cards blocked and then transferred the remaining amount to her another HDFC account. After that, she had filed an FIR in Paris.

“All the necessary information and paperwork required was done well within time as per the RBI guidelines (within one hour of the transaction happening, I blocked my card and within 12 hours, I sent all the paperwork to HDFC Bank),” Ms.Chandra was quoted as saying by the news agency IANS.

As per the Reserve Bank of India, the victim has to report such events to them within 3 days itself and only then they proceed and successfully reverse the money back in Credit Card within 10 days.

But Ms.Chandra hasn’t received any amount back yet. The victim has been asked to get the FIR in English that would cost her Rs.8,000 extra. However, HDFC Bank claims that the woman’s money is safe and other important formalities are on the run to solve the issue.

Source: NDTV