IPS officer wants Pizza companies to extend delivery time up to 40 minutes instead of 30

Life is unpredictable. In a world where accidents occur time and time again, it teaches us to be careful outdoors. It takes little less than a second for those less unfortunate ones to draw their last breath at the time of an accident.

As per the government data released in 2019, almost 1.5 Lakh people lost their lives in road accidents in the year 2017, meaning that 17 deaths happen every hour due to an accident.

There are several factors that increase the chance of a road accident. For example, the trend of home delivery services has increased competition in the market. To keep up with the market, some big restaurants introduced new schemes like the express delivery system in a bid to attract customers.

Under the on-time delivery plan, customers are tempted to order food and get it delivered as soon as possible. This trend is more popular with pizza outlets and is presented as ‘Under 30 Minutes Or Free Pizza’.

The restaurant is promising its customers to deliver their pizza in a maximum of 30 minutes and if delivery executives fail to do so, then the customer does not need to pay for the pizza.

The offer might sound tempting enough for the customers but ultimately, it is putting excessive pressure on the delivery guy.

Bengaluru police commissioner by the name of Bhaskar Rao has raised his concern over the issue on his Twitter platform. Empathizing with the delivery employees, he had urged pizza outlets to expand their delivery time from 30 minutes to 40.

“Do we have the heart to get a free pizza from a kid who is risking his life just because he crossed over 30 mns. Am seriously considering asking Pizza companies to make it 40 mns as these kids risk their lives by breaking all Traffic rules,” he wrote.

A Twitter user who is a Bengaluru resident wrote, “I have seen Swiggy, Zomato boys jumping signals, overtaking vehicles, overspending and riding rash just to make sure they deliver in time. I always worried about how they risked their own lives in the road like that.”

Rupa Murthy tweeted, “Not just their lives, but lives of other drivers/pedestrians as well. If someone can wait for pizza for 30 mins, an additional 15 min must not make much diff. Pls, recommend 45 mins. If the customers have a problem with that, they can drive themselves to the store pick up their pizza”