After JNU row, many brands likely to cancel their contract with Deepika

After Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone visited JNU University to express her solidarity with the protesting JNU students, certain brands are likely to cancel their contract with the actress. People started criticizing her action after she was seen with JNU students who held many protests across the city. The actress has put herself into trouble after making an appearance at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Padukone’s decision has invited many people to boycott her film Chhapaak and now a lot of people are boycotting her film. The Bollywood actress is now facing a lot of problems and there seems to be no end to problems. After the actress paid a surprise visit to Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, many were so angered that they began to tweet “#BoycottChhapaak.” Chhapaak is her latest film that has hit the cinema on January 10, but it is not doing that well and moreover the film could not become a blockbuster.

Padukone’s JNU visit has resulted in a loss of brands as certain brands are reducing the visibility of ads featuring her in the short term. Deepika’s unexpected appearance has affected her financially after she had expressed solidarity with the students, who were allegedly attacked by a violent mob. Normally, brands like to hire celebrities who stay away from controversy. We all know that In 2015, people slammed Aamir Khan when he spoke over rising intolerance in India saying, “I am alarmed, my wife suggested moving out of India.” after which he was brutally criticized for his remarks and many brands had reduced the visibility of ads featuring Aamir Khan.

Deepika had visited the campus to express her solidarity with the Leftists at JNU who were responsible for initiating the cycle of violence at the University. It is believed that her visit to JNU on Tuesday night was smart and well-planned. You did not hear her when anything happens wrong with students of other universities. You did not hear her when these protesters from JNU pelted stones at the cops.

(Credits: India TV)

People are boycotting her film with #BoycottChhapaak, due to which the film is going steady at the box office. Deepika is playing the lead role in the film which was made on a budget of Rs 35 crore but managed to collect only Rs 25 crore so far. Deepika’s appearance created a stir on social media and now, she is also politically contaminated. However, she did not utter a single word at the JNU


A report on The Print said that a promotional video featuring Deepika as part of the government’s Skill India campaign has been ‘abruptly dropped’. Previously, actor Aamir Khan was dropped as the brand ambassador for Snapdeal after he commented on the growing intolerance in the country.

As per a report, Deepika Padukone is believed to have a net worth of Rs 103 crore, and endorses 23 brands including Britannia’s Good Day, L’Oreal, Tanishq, Vistara Airlines, and Axis Bank. She has 26.8 million followers on Twitter.

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