Husband, who hired killer to kill his wife and 2-yr-old son, arrested by Police

After probing the case, the Police have finally arrested the husband who killed his wife and 2-year-old son three days ago. 

Rohit Tiwari, a husband of the victim, had hired contract killer Raj, alias Saurabh Chaudhary, as he had strained relations with his wife Shweta Tiwari (30) and wanted to start a new family.

The incident took place three days back and the victim’s body was found in a bloodied state in her flat on Tuesday. One of Chaudhary’s relatives is said to be involved in the murder case. However, the investigation is underway. Saurabh Chaudhary allegedly took away the victim’s mobile phone and made a call to her husband to demand a ransom of Rs 30 lakh. Later on, Rohit Tiwari had registered a case of murder, kidnapping, and extortion at the Pratap Nagar police station. 

“The conspiracy was hatched on January 3 at a hotel near the Jaipur airport. Rohit paid Rs 20,000 in advance to the killer. Rohit had planned the murder of his wife and son to start a new family as his the relationship with his wife was strained right from their marriage,” said Jaipur Police Commissioner Anand Srivastava.

The accused wanted to project it as a case of kidnapping and extortion. Rohit came across his friend Hari Singh while working in a company in Udaipur. Tiwari got transferred to Jaipur where he met Hari’s brother-in-law Saurabh. All three are said to have family relations with each other. 

On January 7, Saurabh attacked Shweta with a heavy object and slit her throat with a knife and then strangled her son and hit him with a heavy object on his head, police said.

He then dumped the body of the toddler at an isolated place behind their apartment, located at Unique Tower in Pratap Nagar.

“The role of Hari Singh will be interrogated and he will be arrested if found involved in the case,” Mr Srivastava said.

Kid’s body was found a day later after 

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