Minor Hindu girl raped, burnt alive in West Bengal, Prime accused Mahabur Rahman Mia arrested

Rape is the fourth most common crime in India. The level of rape cases in the country is rising at an alarming rate. It is learnt that most of the rape cases were committed by someone known to the victim.

Not a long ago, the entire nation was shocked by the heinous rape and murder of the veterinary doctor in Hyderabad and after which, the 6-year-old girl was raped and strangled to death by her school belt in Rajasthan and then another shocking atrocity happened when a 9-year-old girl was raped and strangled to death.

Now again, a Hyderabad-like rape and murder incident took place at Kumarganj, South Dinajpur in West Bengal.

A body of a young girl was found in an open area under a tunnel which is said to be nearly 90 per cent burnt. As per the reports, stray dogs were biting and playing with the body parts and locals found smokes emitting from the culvert holes and when they approached the place, they discovered a body. It was recovered from Belkhore-pakurtala a place between Safanagar and Ashokegram which comes under Kumargunj Police jurisdiction. A below paper cut of a Bengali News paper has covered the incident in detail…

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The police recovered the body and then sent it to Balurghat District Hospital for a post-mortem examination. Based on the initial signs, it reveals that the woman might have been brutally gang-raped and then she was cut into pieces before being eventually set on fire.

Nonetheless, the police are yet to make sure of the angle of rape.

The deceased minor girl was identified as Pramila Barman, who is a Hindu girl student of class Xth Standard of a local school. She went to Fulbari Market on Sunday afternoon in a bid to buy a winter scarf and went missing since then.

It was on Monday morning that the local farmers who went to fields looked at the terrifying scene and notified the police.

Mahabur Rahaman, who is a local goon was arrested by Kumargunj Police as a main suspect of the Pramila Barman rape-murder-burn case on Monday.

If sources are to be believed, Mahabur Rahman Mia was forcing for a relationship with Pramila and then Pramila was denying the it as Mahabur was secretly keeping illicit relations with many other girls of late behind the scenes.

The probe is still on in Kumargunj (Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal) rape-murder-burn case. Any reaction from Mamata Banerjee is still awaited.

Kumargunj Police has by far arrested three accused in connection with the rape-murder-burn case at Kumarganj police station in South Dinajpur district. Police took them in custody after Balurghat District Court permitted 10 days remand.

It should be noted that Prime accused Mahabur Mia (alias Mahabur Rahman) is a resident of Panchagram, Gangarampur and other two accused- Pankaj and Gautam who are his friends and residents of Krishnabati and Mushapara village of Tapan Block.

Right wing sources claimed that Mahabur was involved in the heinous practice of Love Jihad, an alleged effort made to target beautiful or rich women hailing from non-Muslim communities for religious conversion to Islam. Mahabur hatched Love Jihad trick with victim Pramila Barman about a year ago and then tried to take her away from Kumargunj-Fulbari area (westebengal) to Goa for engaging her in Dance Bar and escort services.

After knowing that Pramila was trying to make a long-distance from Mahabur, the latter got angry and then decided to finish her once and for all.

Mahabur is reportedly involved in tour and travel services in Goa for recent past months. After hearing the news of the marriage-engagement of Pramila in some other place, Mahabur had then returned to Kmargunj from Goa some days before.

As per the reports, Mahabur engaged his friends Pankaj and Gautam in a bid to keep watch on the movements of Pramila and eventually grabbed her in the afternoon of Sunday (January 5).

Mahabur raped Pramila overnight and invited Pankaj and Gautam to join him. At some point of time, Pramila lost her all senses and fell unconscious. The two other accused (Gautam and Pankaj) claimed they had no clue about his plans of executing her.

Mahabur then took out an incisive knife from his hips and then slit the throat of Pramila. After that, they burnt the body of Pramila with petrol of their motorbike under a tunnel near Belkhore-Pakurtala in the nightfall.

The very next morning when the local farmers spotted some stray dogs were fighting with the body parts of the victim, they notified the police. Kumarganj police reached the spot and then arrested the suspects within 24 hours.

Pramila’s family members and local people pressed for a trail in fast track court for the Pramila Barman rape-murder-burn case and also demanded hanging of the culprits.

The annoyed locals and college students blocked NH 512 Balurghat-Gazole around Kumargunj on Tuesday and staged a protest against Pramila Barman rape-murder-burn case. (The Youth Sourced the content from: https://hinduexistence.org/ )