Identical twins score exactly the same marks in Class 12 ISC exams, It’s mind-boggling

Even a group of friends who do combine studies before the exam do not get same marks despite preparing the same set of questions and answers. The exam evaluators take little more than 3 minutes to correct the students’ answer sheets. Based on the performance and presentation, the marks are awarded.

During the result day, there are possibilities that students’ results might coincide with some others in the different district or maybe in the nearby circle. But here comes the shocking news which can hold your breath in awe. Have you heard about the identical twins securing equal percentage in Class 12 ISC exams? This story is well and truly astonishing, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

Hailing from Mumbai, the sibling duo Rohan and Rahul not only look identical but also stunned the world by securing an identical percentage of 96.5% in exams. The super identical twins Rohan and Rahul studied at Jasudben ML School in Mumbai’s Khar area. Their intentions are quite clear as they are planning to pursue a career in Science.

Credits: The Web

Sibling duo’s mother Sonal Chembakaasseril said that Rohan and Rahul have the same habits. She adds that her children fall ill together and also feel hungry at the same time. According to her, the twins chipping in with same marks has taken them by surprise.

According to their mother, they don’t just look the same but have the same habits also. She said that both of them fall sick together and also feel hungry at the same time. But little did she know that they would also score exactly the same marks in the exam.

Sibling duo’s mother further added saying that Rohan and Rahul have studied together in the school. Moreover, they also do their revisions together at home. Wow, mind-boggling!