Mesut Ozil starts paying for 1000 children to have life-changing operations

Staunch football fans would still get goosebumps when they hear the name Mesut Ozil. He is one of the best players in the world and is often recognised as ‘King of assists’. Ozil has an aura to his movement whenever he touches the ball.

Former legendary Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger once said that when you love football, you love Mesut Ozil. Ozil currently plays as a midfielder for Arsenal FC.

Meanwhile, the world-class football player pledged to pay for 1000 children to have life-changing operations in a bid to celebrate his wedding to actress Amine Gülşe.

The midfielder has already started to fulfil the promise as he started funding 219 procedures for kids in the need of the hour. Recently, he took to his Twitter handle to confirm that 219 operations are already done while adding that many more to come in the future.

“219 operations are already done, but there’s still many more to come going forward! As my wife Amine and I announced before our wedding in June 2019, we’re covering the costs of another 1,000 life-changing surgeries for children in need around the world,” Ozil wrote.

Arsenal midfielder also went on to thank BigShoe for co-operation over the last couple of years. He also thanked fans, followers and others who donated towards this important project which is making a big difference in children’s lives.

“A big thank you goes out to BigShoe for the amazing co-operation over the last couple of years.

“Thank you to every single wedding guest, fan and follower who has donated towards this project, and a special thank you to all the international medical teams that are involved.

“This is just the start! Let’s look forward to 2020, and help hundreds of other children in need all together,” he wrote.