Kerala Navy Officer’s wife captures python alive, video goes viral

A video surfaced online shows a brave woman capturing a 20kg python alive in Kerala, Ernakulam. The woman had enough guts to capture the snake and the 1 minute 36 seconds clip has been shared online by Harinder Sikka. In no time the video went viral all over the internet with over 58,000 views already.

In his caption for the video post on Twitter, Sikka added that the 20kg python was captured alive by Vidya Raju, a senior Navy officer’s wife. The python was spotted in what seems to be a backyard in Ernakulum as it camouflaged itself in a grassland beneath a tree. Vidya held the python firmly from its neck while another man held its tail.

Three men, as well as, Navy officer along with a girl accompanied Vidya during the rescue operation. Vidya along with two other men held the python from the two ends and put it inside a bag in an extremely impressive attempt. In the meantime, one more man was spotted in the scene as he captured the whole episode.

The final part of the video is the moment Vidya puts the snake’s mouth inside the bag and then ties it tightly and that too within a split second. In order to comfort the snake, Vidya Raju constantly refers to the snake as “bachcha”.

“Leave aside women, wonder how many men can show such guts. I love my Navy,” Sikka’s caption reads.

Here’s the video:

The internet world is totally amazed after watching the video that has already garnered over 1800 likes. “Ma’am has correctly exhibited the technique of capturing it & bagging it,” a user added in a statement.