Indians throw currency notes, Foreigners pick them up quickly, video goes viral

We have been part of Indian weddings at least once in our lives and we exactly what happens during the party time. It is common for people to throw currency notes at people out of love and every Indian baaraat has at least one uncle among the gang who would throw notes on the baraatis.

However, things might look really weird if foreigners don’t understand this concept after see this because you don’t see them shower currency in their country. But if they do, the best thing they do is pick them up and that’s what had happened.

In a typical Punjabi video clip, where a bunch of Punjabis were celebrating well with lively and noisy festivities, foreigners can be seen joining the party and taking the enjoyment to the next level. The video depicts Punjabi boys throwing currency in the air and foreigners quickly coming to grab it.

The entire incident left the people in stitches. To be frank, Punjabis always welcome people who want to join the party. Overall, it was a nice one.

It’s Raining Money in New Jersey, Countless Dollars fly out of the truck in broad daylight

A rare incident happened in New Jersey where an armoured truck spilled too much cash on the highway as the truck had some locking issue.

The East Rutherford Police Department added that they received reports of an armoured Brinks truck spilling cash on Route 3 in the morning. “Motorists exited vehicles attempting to remove cash causing multiple MV Crashes,” they said in a tweet.

“Approx 8:30am ERPD received calls of an armoured truck spilling cash along Rt 3 West, motorists exited vehicles attempting to remove cash causing multiple MV Crashes. Detectives are investigating. We ask any person with info or video of this incident, call ERPD 201-438-0165,” East Rutherford Police tweeted.

As per the reports in Fox News, the unexpected incident took place near Metlife Stadium, right outside the New York City. The video of the incident is viral on the internet which depicts the drivers leaving their cars to collect the money which flew out of the truck.

Following the incident, police requested the people to return the cash back. “It’s theft of mislaid property,” East Rutherford police Detective Lieutenant Mike Gianscaspro told WABC-TV. “So we’re not looking to charge anybody, we’re just looking to get the money back to Brinks.”