Young couple caught kissing in Delhi metro, video spreads like wildfire on social media

As generations go by, society changes and so does human behaviour. Our demands are not as same as that of our ancestors. The way our forefathers looked at life was surprisingly different from how we perceive it.

We can observe that our culture is slowly fading away across all the cities. Recently, a video of a young couple passionately kissing in Delhi Metro started doing the rounds on social media.

According to many, they are setting a wrong example in our country. One of the netizens had even urged the administration to take immediate action against the couple if they are found involved in such infamous activities at a public place like Delhi Metro.

Earlier, a foreign couple was caught having sex in an empty train carriage and CCTV footage of the incident got leaked somehow and went viral.

The couple was reportedly in the late-night train from Glasgow to Edinburgh and it when the CCTV caught them having a go in the train compartment. As per the reports, ScotRail chiefs ensured to work with the police to find the couple.

“This is shocking behaviour for people to be engaging in on a train.It’s clear the couple were so drunk they weren’t aware of what was going on round about them,” The Sun quotes a passenger as saying.

Another one reportedly said, “What if a family with young kids had walked into the carriage or any elderly person. It outrageous that they think this is acceptable or funny.”

Yet another one who got annoyed by this act said, “Couldn’t they have just waited until they got home.”. The Sun’s page has the video in it and in the video, the couple can be seen kissing before taking off each others’ pants and lying down on the table.

Talking about the nasty public act which is not acceptable by any means, a ScotRail spokesperson reportedly wrote, “Anti-social behaviour has no place on Scotland’s Railway, and we will continue to work with the British Transport Police to clamp down on unacceptable conduct.”