Indian Army’s Havildar Anuj Kumar wins Body Building C’Ships Gold, fans give him a hero’s welcome

Bodybuilders look different from the others. It’s because of the fact that they do special exercises regularly and push themselves beyond their limits to strengthen their muscles. Day by day, they grow bigger and better.

They always feel a great sense of accomplishment after hitting the gym with proper workout sessions. Above all, they follow a strict diet to keep themselves as fit as a fiddle. They consume large amounts of protein so that they can achieve the shape of a clear-cut body.

Though most of us dream to be bodybuilders, only very few of us get to taste the essence of it.

Anuj Kumar Taliyan is the latest to hit the headlines for his outstanding achievement in Bodybuilding Championships. He is a Havildar in the Indian Army and the fans gave him a hero’s welcome after he won a gold medal at World Bodybuilding Championships. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our hero on his success.

Credits: ANI

Anuj was received at the Madras Engineers Group by senior officers. Kumar clinched a gold medal in the 100 plus kg weight category. It is also worth applauding that our bodybuilders had also finished second in the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship ‘Team Category’.

It is also worth mentioning that Chitharesh Natesan was the first Indian to win become Mr. Universe 2019.

(With inputs from ANI)