Young Elephant dies of ‘Exhaustion’ after being forced to carry Tourists without a single break

Humans are the worst ever creatures to live on the planet and it is disheartening to see how we are treating this planet as if it belongs to us and not other creatures who too deserve to live in their own way. But that’s not happening here. The voiceless creatures are being tormented, murdered for people’s desire.

The greedy humans have already turned the planet to a sickening stage and now they are slowing destroying the species one by one. There were so many species that were driven to extinction and now some species are on the verge of extinction which needs serious attention to preserve the species.

Credits: AFP

Humanity is not only reserved for human beings. It is also meant for animals too. It is for all with whom we share this beautiful world.

Case in point, people were shaken by the demise a 70-year-old elephant in Sri Lanka and the reason why it passed away will annoy you even more. The festival elephant was named ‘Tikiri’ died of starvation.

It was understood that Tikiri was among 60 elephants who were pressurized to march at the Perahera festival in Kandy each year, reports BBC. The elephant’s death raised questions about animal cruelty in the name of tourism.

Shockingly, another incident had happened in Sri Lanka where an elephant has died of exhaustion. The teenage elephant called Kanakota, carried tourists in the town of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, a beautiful place that is popular for its historic monuments.

As per TOI, 18-year-old elephant gave 3 consecutive rides to tourists, after which the elephant was exhausted and it collapsed and then never woke up. It was also made to walk in a procession, a day before its death. After this incident, the animal welfare activists have been demanding authorities to bring about policy changes and take action.